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Sikhism is founded on values which aim to bring people together regardless of faith, gender or race. In fact, equality of all is one of the fundamental pillars Sikhi is built on.  There is an amazing depth and breadth of wisdom that can help to guide us through our lives.

We are pleased and grateful to be able to link to other sites that have helped bring forward the messages and wisdom using modern media.  Although we are not contributors to the sites below, we have found the links very useful and thoughtful in their presentation. We hope you do too…


Nanak Naam – Sikh educational group with a vision to "Inspire people to discover and live as the highest form of themselves"


Basics Of Sikhi - Basics of Sikhi is a Sikh educational campaign using YouTube, printed material and social media, funded and supported by Everything’s 13, a registered Sikh education and humanitarian charity.


Bhagwan Bilas - Bhagwan Bilas was written by Maharaj Shri Nabh Kanwal Raja Sahib Ji. This English translation will help many people understand the very fabric of our existence.